You may schedule an appointment by calling 1718-222-8777 during our normal clinic hours or you may complete the following online appointment request form and some one will get back to you within a 24 hours.


The Elite Medical Group Doctor will review your vaccination history with you to determine whether you have all the required vaccinations. Make sure you take your vaccination records with you to your appointment.


Medical Examination

The Immigration medical examination requires the following vaccinations:


A physical examination

A tuberculin (TB) skin test is required for all persons 2 years or older. After the skin test is applied, you must return to clinic in 3 days for it to be read. A skin test is considered “positive” if there is a reaction of 5 mm or more. Anyone with a “positive” skin test must have a chest x-ray. In addition, if you have a history of TB or a history of a positive TB skin test, a chest x-ray is required. Many patients have received BCG vaccination in their home country, but a skin test for TB is still required. All persons with a question of active TB will be referred to the County Health Department.

A blood test for HIV (the virus that causes AIDS)

A blood test for syphilis (RPR)

Routine immunizations such as chickenpox (varicella), MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and tetanus-diphtheria

The Day of Your Exam

To expedite results, patients should bring with the following information and forms to their exam:


All medications and immunization records for each family member seeking entry

Any recent records of blood tests for AIDS, syphilis, measles (rubeola), rubella (German measles), mumps or chickenpox titers

Any record of a chest x-ray (within 10 years)

Any records of a skin test for TB

Passport (if available).

Please bring two proofs of Identifications.

A copy of any prior immunization record (if available).

After the medical exam is complete, Elite Medical Group will give you Form I-693 with the results in a sealed envelope to present to INS. Do not open the sealed envelope.